Happy Breath Yoga

I love diffusing GuruNanda® 100% pure, high-quality essential oils in my home! I love the purity of oils versus the unnatural chemicals and synthetics found in candles and “air fresheners”. In fact, those little plug-in air fresheners and sprays are so full of synthetics and toxins, they make me feel nauseous and give me an instant headache! I walk into health and wellness offices, yoga and Pilates studios, gyms and even doctors offices and scratch my head in disbelief that they even use those types of “fresheners”, completely unaware of how much they are polluting the air.

I see sprays, mists and candles promising fresh air, when instead they can be filling the air with harmful toxins. They promise odor elimination and special “cleaning technology”, but instead I smell harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes.

This is why I prefer diffusing GuruNanda® essential oils! In fact, I have one diffuser in particular that I really love! It’s called the Honeycomb™ Ultrasonic Diffuser and it’s made by GuruNanda®.  It’s small, silent and oh so chic! I think that’s one of the reasons why I was drawn to it! I can set it anywhere in my home and it looks like a part of the décor instead of the pink or purple plastic numbers that are just not cute at all.

The GuruNanda® Honeycomb™ Ultrasonic Diffuser is the perfect way to make your house, office and pet area smell fresh, completely naturally. The way it works is that you add water to the reservoir, add a few drops of your favorite oils, plug it in and then press the on button. It’s really that simple. You can either have the color changing light on or off, I personally like it on, especially at night, it creates a fun ambience. It also has auto shut off when the water reaches a low level for overheating protection.

When I diffuse pure and natural essential oils in my home, I can be confident that I am not adding any chemicals, toxins or synthetics into my environment. My elegant little GuruNanda® Honeycomb™ Oil Diffuser helps me, my family, and my guests breathe happily!

Aromatherapy is easy enough for anyone to use and really beneficial. It can help with moods, emotions and even everyday wellness.


Just by breathing in the essential oil, it can enter our bloodstream and reach our brain within seconds, which is why when something smells good, I feel happy and when something smells bad, I feel nauseous and get a headache.

Night Time Routine: I usually add 3 to 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to my Honeycomb™ diffuser in my bedroom at night to help me fall asleep faster.

In the Kitchen: I like diffusing Lemon Essential Oil in the kitchen so that everything smells fresh and clean.

In the Living Room: I diffuse a combination of Orange Essential Oil and GuruNanda® Peppermint Essential Oil to create a happy ambiance. Orange and Peppermint are both very uplifting and mood enhancing.

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