Posted by Guru Nanda on Aug 7th 2020

Where is Guru Nanda's Lavender Essential Oil Sourced?

Guru Nanda Sources Lavender Essential Oil Directly From France

South of France, normally we've been buying from Bulgaria. There is not enough French lavender in this world.


Hey, Whitney just got back from France. Very, very tiring journey but so much to tell you I can't even explain


So France is supposed to be the hub of most essential oils, the essential oils or the word aromatherapy originated in France, the French scientist is the one, is the one who actually discovered the word aroma therapy. It was always a dream to actually go and understand why and how the French people think about the essential oils. Right here in South of France between these amazing miles of lavender gardens This is my special visit to one of these unique areas. I wanted to drive down all the way into the entire province area, which is about 700 kilometers on one way roads and actually understand how the whole process takes place. Going farm to farm to farm to farm. We're still about 50 miles 50 kilometers away. Lavender only grows in high altitude areas which is above 800 metres above. And a lot of the beautiful lush purple pictures that you see mostly when you type lavender is actually not lavender. It's a hybrid variety of lavender called lavandin. It was made by a scientist in France who was a perfumer he basically made a hybrid that has the scent is exactly similar or very close to lavender, but it's called a variety called lavandin which is one fifth the price it has more resistant to bacteria it is more resistant to viruses and fungus. And these they can grow them in huge flat lands and they can actually cultivate them by machinery you don't need so many people.


So this technique is a bit different because we use, we use water inside. We load the product inside the vessel, and we know the water. And by the surface we don't spend very much time like this. Be careful.


Don't come away.


I think the French have mastered the art of distillation because a lot of the perfume industry originates from France. They have actually literally been doing this over last hundred years. They have the best quality of systems, the machines, the extraction processes, they have kind of captured a closely guarded secret as a country and the rest of the world has a lot to learn from France when it comes to distillation.


The ensuing corners


Oh my god, this is something that I couldn't have ever experienced anywhere else.


Winning everybody literally was talking about football all the time. And we went to the farms, the farmers are talking about it. I think the only single topic that they would discuss apart from the business was football so I literally kind of became adapted to knowing football better than ever before. Today it's almost gonna be like breaking news because everybody has been talking about the difference between lavandin and lavender is not so huge. It has the same same smell. The customer comes back but hey customer you're being fooled here with me is my friend. He's an ergonomist who's been growing lavandin all his life and some of my absolutely good friends and retailers who are big drugstore chains have been buying this crap. This is actually not good for anything else except fragrance, no aromatherapy, no therapeutic benefits.


This is why we have the essential oil diaries because by me understanding about each and every variety of essential oil, I'm able to actually deliver my entire knowledge via my getting the best product. Secondly, doing Facebook live videos and thirdly, doing all these videos that I'm doing so that I can actually utilize all the education that I have gained by giving it back to my consumers without them actually going and visiting all those farms. So I want to create that experience so that they can experience nature setting up their home, they can get the education sitting at their homes, in the United States or elsewhere in the world, getting you the best product and Getting you all the education and I'm trying to deliver it the best way I can.


Are you the owner of this place? Or are you working for this corporate, the farmers are the owners. The building belongs to


the farmers essential oil in everything you work for I work for them. I am the agronomy so I supply technical support to our farmers for being more efficient in the field more efficient in the theory of supply for best quality of essential oil.


The amazing part of this business is that many people think that lavender The moment you harvest it right away this color of the French Way, which is the most traditional, the most authentic way of just being there for like 200 years or even more is they've dried lavender for a select period of time and they've on exactly how much time because they have known it by the experience. So that extra water can evaporate. Once that water evaporates, the quality of the scent that you would get from the true lavender would be marvelous --- which means productive and pass on, there was a lot of learning and I also experienced the French Way of distilling oils, which is very high tech a lot better than anything I've ever seen. Their technology over the hundreds of years has been just the best you can imagine in distillation. There is nothing like home. But obviously, being in the fields as what I was probably born to be, I feel very connected to myself and I'm at the fields versus once I'm back at home on a desk.


It's it's truly work as usual.


And then there's a lot of work to do because I can collect all the oils from the fields. But if I don't actually do the work of filling them and shipping them to my retail accounts and my online customers, then how would you guys get it? So I need to do the rest of the legwork so that I can reap the benefits of actually enhancing your life with some of the best products that I'm getting out from around the globe.


Forever have my heart

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