Why Are GuruNanda Essential Oil Prices So Low?

One Consumer’s Message to Guru:

“Guru Nanda, you are a yogi. Since you are a deeply spiritual person, I hope your oils are pure! Why are your EO’s so much less expensive than the essential oils selling at MLM companies? Are they organic? Do you pay your farmers enough? Thank you in advance for answering my questions.”

Guru’s Response:

Not only am I a Yogi following the principals of morality, but I am also fairly knowledgeable about essential oils. I have gone around the world to learn from farmers themselves how they grow and sell crops. I have spent valuable time sourcing each and every one of the extensive collection of oils you can see online. After visiting all of the cultivating field, I have also formed what I like to call a global farmers’ alliance. These farmers are all paid as soon as the quality is tested, before we even get any of our oils online for you. What this does is it ensures all our farmers get paid before we make any money, so you can rest assured that all the oils are directly from farm to you.

I have spent much time and money in testing every single oil, prior to purchasing. 

And I’ll be honest, initially when I started this company, I made the same mistakes as others because 3rd party sources try to trick you into buying fake oils. But the difference is that I have learned. When you come to GuruNanda to purchase your oils, you know we will only sell 100% pure and natural essential oils with nothing added or removed because we now understand where people can cheat consumers and we do every test possible now to make sure our customers only get the best. I am so confident in the quality and purity of my oils that you can check any batch of oils of any quantity or kind.

We are okay with any testing done because we have nothing to hide! You cannot find that kind of transparency anywhere, especially not from anyone selling for the price we are. 

I have successfully run a business before, and I have a very scientific background. I have researched oils and spoken to so many farmers, so I now understand what chemical compounds make a pure oil when running any GCMS test. And I know when someone is cheating me and adding in fake oils.

Unfortunately 60-70% of the EO’s are fake in USA. Not necessarily because the selling companies want to sell fake but because there is a trend where several companies go and see what’s the best sellers on Amazon website and they go to or one of those websites and bring the product and sell it without knowledge, experience and testing.

Now, I am not just a yogi buying and selling oils, but my business model is based on a simple concept called social entrepreneurship. This is when businesses work at extremely low margins for a social cause. I pay full price to my farmers, maybe even more than these MLM companies because they can buy bigger lots. When you buy in bulk, you obviously save more money. Think Costco. Not only do I pay them full-price, but with my global farmers’ alliance, I have set up a way to help farming communities on the ground by setting up an employment program in place for oppressed women. This will give women a chance to work and be independent from their traditional role in farming communities and help abused women become empowered to break from the cycle of abuse.

For all our oils, I use either a steam distillation method or a cold-press method for citrus oils with mobile distillation units at a farm level.

“Organic” becomes a lot less relevant in the steam distillation process. I don’t think it makes any sense to pay twice as much of the normal cost for a little certificate that says my products are organic. We already go through all of the testing and quality-control procedures to give us absolutely pure and unadulterated oils. Please understand the chemistry involved in essential oil distillation. The steam evaporates the essence of the plant and allows the oil and water to separate during the cooling process. 

My pledge is to bring you the real plant oil directly from the original source at a fraction of the cost of any MLM company. If I can’t find 100% pure oils, I won’t sell it. That’s my promise.

Thank you for this question, and I sincerely hope this helps.

If you have unanswered questions or concerns, send an email to <> and I’ll answer them for you. 


Guru Nanda 

Chief Essential Oil

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