9 Essential Oils to Celebrate this Holiday Season

To make Christmas the jolliest time of the season, try using essential oils to lift your mood and get those holiday vibes flowing!

Here are our top 9 essential oils to celebrate this holiday season. 

1. Peppermint Essential Oil 


  • Keeps things fresh at home

Peppermint Essential Oil is perfect for the holidays as it has one of the most refreshing aromas. Its scent is reminiscent of candy canes, mint cookies, and other holiday delights. 

2. Frankincense Essential Oil 


  • Improves mood and sleep

Word has it that Frankincense was gifted to baby Jesus by the three wise men. It’s also frequently burnt in houses of worship for religious ceremonies and practices. There’s a long and rich history between Frankincense and Christmas. 

3. Clove Essential Oil


  • Promotes positivity and the Christmas spirit!

Clove Essential Oil tends to get dotted along the holiday ham, added to mulled wind or used to make pomanders. Its rich scent adds a sense of holiday spirit to your home. 

4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

If you’ve used VapoRub, you’ve smelled Eucalyptus Essential Oil before. The holidays are a lot better if everybody is happily breathing well. 

5. Pine Needle Essential Oil 


  • Smells like a Christmas tree
  • Helps relax and balance emotions 

Pine Needle Essential Oil gives you that Christmas tree scent that makes everyone feel at home. Not only does it provide multiple health benefits, it creates a festive vibe in your household that everybody will enjoy.

6. Cinnamon Essential Oil 


  • Warming
  • Nostalgic

Cinnamon is known for causing instant nostalgia. Most of us have memories around Christmas time that involve the classic scent of Cinnamon. 

7. Thrive Essential Oil Blend


  • Energizes the mind
  • Stimulates energy

Thrive Essential Oil Blend has all the right ingredients to produce a reminiscent aroma that everyone can enjoy. 

8. Sweet Orange Essential Oil 


  • Cleansing
  • Refreshes the mind
  • Uplifts the spirit

It just so happens that Christmas and citrus season overlap. There was a time when oranges were considered awesome gifts for Christmas. Try adding Sweet Orange Essential Oil and Cinnamon Essential Oil into a diffuser to experience genuine holiday nostalgia. 

9. Cedarwood Essential Oil 


  • Calms the mind
  • Grounds emotions
  • Balances the spirit 

The rich, woody smell of Cedarwood Essential Oil makes home feel like a cozy place, far from the harsh cold weather outside. Another reason it’s great for winter is that it can help to stimulate metabolism and soothe coughs!

Get Christmas started with the right essential oils!

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