How to Make Essential Oil Blends on Your Own

Spa and salons have been using essential oils to relax and soothe customers for too long, but why spend so much when you could achieve the exact same pleasure and relaxation while enjoying the comfort of your home. Here are 5 popular essential oil blends and how to use them to get most results out of them;

Use “Diffusion” for these blends:

1. Kick Start Your Day

Get to your nearest store which offers essential oils and get these oils and blend them in the exact proportions to get a refreshing kick to start your day. The essential oils are all uplifting and refreshing whereas peppermint oil is famous for its energizing qualities; it actually preps you up for the day!

Use water as the base and mix these oils in it and using your diffuser get ready for your morning yoga practice. Help yourself to a perfect morning filled with energy, optimism, clarity and creativity.    

2. Get in the Mood for Holiday

Grab these oils on your way back on the weekend and prep for making this weekend a perfect opportunity for some quality “you” time.

Mix these oils in water base and put the blend in your diffuser to have a perfect refreshing and relaxing blend! Rose oil helps you replenish energy and orange essential oil relieves you of fatigue and soothes you. 

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends to Massage into the Skin 

3. Romantic Nights

This blend of essential oil is nothing short of a love potion itself. Help yourself to a relaxed, happy and enjoyable night out with your loved one. Jasmine and Almond oils are famous for having a happy effect and rose soothes your body. This blend stimulates “serotonin” – the happy hormone.

Mix the ingredients as per the quantity and store it in the fridge. Massage this blend on your skin at the temples, back of your neck, and on wrists. Have a fun filled, relaxed and memorable romantic night out!

4. Protection against All Bacteria and Anti-Aging Lotion

Get yourself treated by spa quality treatment for your skin and aging issues.

Refrigerate a mix of these oils and shake well before applying it all over your face and/or body. This blend of essential oil prevents signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. This blend is also good if you seek to tighten skin, remove scars or get rid of stretch marks.

Aromatherapy Blend to Use in a Bath 

5. Skin Beautification and Calming Down the Nerves

This blend works best if you use bathing salts or milk in your bath. It helps you to calm down and relax. And has huge beauty benefits.

Mix these essential oils to create the blend, next pour them up on bathing salt or mix it up in milk and then mix it with the water in your bath. Let the oils disperse and then slip in the bath to sooth your senses and calm down and let the oils work their magic on your skin!


These essential oils are all to provide you spa like experience in your home, removing the hustles of getting the appointments and waiting for your turns, and providing you the ease and comfort of your own home. These essential oil blends will help you look good and provide you a good state of mind and can be used in very easy and simple blends and ways to make your day a perfect one.

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