5 Essential Oils for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Bath

Adding essential oils to your bath this Valentine’s Day may be a great way to realize all the amazing benefits of the oil in a calm, relaxing way.

With our hurried schedules and day to day stresses, many people see taking a bath as an unnecessary luxury, but taking this time out for self-care can go a long way in relieving stress and setting the right mood, whatever the occasion.

This relaxing time could be the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day plans. Whether you’re preparing for a date, trying to spoil someone you love, or treating yourself to a little self-love, add a few drops of these valentine essential oils and essential oil blends to your bath to help get you in the right mood.

Our Top 5 Essential Oils to Get You in the Mood

1. Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil

This essential oil is the most romantic and beautifying oil in our collection and has a delicate aroma that is perfect for harmonizing, balancing, cleansing and detoxifying. It can also be used as a natural aphrodisiac, opening the heart to unconditional love when it is inhaled, applied topically, or used in a soothing bath.

Our exotics line offers Bulgarian rose essential oil. This is one of the most sought-after and rare therapeutic grade oils in the world. We always make sure we find 100% pure rose oil, sourced and harvested from the highest quality of wild rose petals in the Valley of Roses.

2. Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine oil may be used in an essential oil diffuser to set the mood in your room, or it can be applied topically to your wrists, neck, and temples as a natural perfume for that romantic date.

Our jasmine essential oil is a sensual, floral oil sourced from the exotic farms of  Madurai. Traditionally, this essential oil has been used to open the heart to love and often inspires feelings of euphoric love and joy. Jasmine may also promote a sense of well-being and euphoria.

3. Romance Essential Oil Blend

Our GuruNanda Romance Essential Oil Blend is a natural mixture of ylang-ylang, Amyris, ginger, rose jasmine, and cardamom essential oils. This delicate blend may be diffused next to your bed or in any room to fill your space with a touch of romance.

If you want to spice things up, mix our Romance Blend with a carrier oil, like sweet almond oil, in a 1:10 ratio of essential oil to a carrier oil, and apply all over your body to give you a sweet aroma and a sultry shine. This blend is specially crafted for your days of love!

4. Neroli Essential Oil

Our neroli essential oil is derived from citrus fruit and is a natural aphrodisiac. It has been known to create romantic feelings, promote intimacy, and increase libido. This essential oil may also promote sleep and help reduce anxiety.

5. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is a classic, well-known option for calming, relaxing and soothing muscle tension. It can also help you de-stress and sleep better. It may be diffused to ease first-date nerves or just to fill your room with its calming aroma. It can also be mixed with a carrier oil in a 1:10 ratio for the perfect calming massage later in the evening.

How to Make Your Bath Extra Special with Essential Oils this Valentine’s Day

Using any of the essential oils mentioned above can help you set the mood for your Valentine’s Day events. We recommend getting creative and making your own special Valentine’s Day blend using any of the essential oils mentioned above – or a combination of a few. Here are some exclusive DIY recipes to get you started.

Add oils to your Bath Water

The first way we recommend making your bath extra special is to add essential oils, mixed with a carrier oil, directly to your bath water. The warmth of the bath water helps creates a soothing aroma to fill the room.  You can also add a few drops to your favorite soap or shampoo for an all-over benefit.

We recommend turning on your favorite tunes while taking a fragrant bath to further enhance your bath experience, whether it’s for one or for two.

Mix Them with Bath Salts or Make Your Own Recipe

You can also combine these essential oils with your favorite bath salts for additional soaking benefits.

If you don’t have a preferred product, try our DIY homemade bath salt recipe that uses real ingredients that you may already keep in your home:

  • 1 1/2 cups Epsom salt
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon fractionated coconut oil
  • 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend
Combine all of the above ingredients. When it’s time for your bath, scoop out a half cup, add to warm water and soak for at least 15 minutes or until you feel completely relaxed.

Jasmine, which is mentioned above, can be combined with ylang-ylang for the perfect romantic bath combination as both are aphrodisiacs and have gentle aroma notes that blend well together.

Diffuse Them Into the Air

You may already be diffusing your favorite essential oils during regular daily activities, but moving your diffuser into your bathroom during a bath, can be another way to experience these essential oil benefits while your nasal passages are already open from the steam.

A bath is soothing in nature, and using your favorite essential oils in the air can take it to the next level. Of course, we know lavender is a calming and relaxing oil to diffuse while bathing,  but you may also consider trying a mixture of lemon, cedarwood, and orange essential oils as well.

The essential oils mentioned above also do their part to create a sensual bath experience that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Add Them to Your Daily Lotion for Continued Effects

After your bath is over, you can take the benefits of essential oils with you by adding them to a lotion you already have or creating your own.

To simply add some benefits to a neutral lotion you already have, add one drop of any of the oils mentioned above or a mixture of one drop each.

If you want to make your own lotion, one of our favorite recipes is as follows:

  • 1/2 cup sweet almond oil
  • 1/4 cup fractionated coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup beeswax
  • 2 tablespoons shea butter (optional)
  • 8 drops lavender essential oil
  • 6 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 8 drops  frankincense essential oil
Combine the fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and beeswax in a double boiler or with a glass bowl on top. If using shea butter, add it to the mixture at this time. As the water heats, the ingredients will start to melt. Stir occasionally.
After several minutes, remove from the heat and add your essential oils. Stir until well blended. Pour into whatever jar or tin you will use for storage. Use as your regular lotion!

You could replace the specific oils mentioned in this recipe with any of the more sensual ones listed above as well.

Create the Perfect Massage

For a great massage – either in the bath or after – essential oils can be added to carrier oils, such as sweet almond and fractionated coconut oil. Once these have been diluted by a carrier oil, they are safe to use directly on the skin.

One of our favourite splurges to use for a sensual massage is the Bulgarian Rose oil we mentioned above.

Remember That Quality Matters

Since they will be in close proximity to your skin for an extended period of time, it’s very important to be sure that you are using 100% pure and natural oils when adding essential oils to your bath or lotions.

At GuruNanda, we only use 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade oils that we guarantee come from the farm directly to you with nothing added and nothing removed. Our essential oils are Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) tested for authenticity and come with extraordinary therapeutic properties. No synthetics or additives, and are always non-GMO!

We also offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our essential oils. So, shop our essential oils in this guide and get ready for a great Valentine’s Day this year!

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