3 Ways to Relieve Stress from the Dalai Lama – From Fear to Compassion

Living in daily stress is not much of a life at all. Like most spiritual leaders, the Dalai Lama believes that stress is not a simple black and white phenomenon. He believes our stress is the result of our internal world. 

How Stress Impacts Your Life

When you get stressed, cortisol is rushing through your system. This makes it harder to make good decisions, it boosts your blood sugar level, and it can disrupt your sleeping patterns. 

However, researchers have found some good news on this front, and that is:

Fear alone does not create these issues, but how you relate to fear does. 

Stressed out woman

The Dalai Lama’s Thoughts

When the Dalai Lama experiences stress and fear, he remembers the fact that many others are in a similar situation. This enables him to connect with something larger than himself. Whenever he feels more interconnected, he finds it easier to turn fear into compassion. 

Here are 3 ways to relieve stress from the Dalai Lama. 

1. Vulnerability

The truth is, nobody is perfect. Nobody. It’s important to be able to be yourself and to be honest in expressing yourself to others. This enables you to connect with others and reduce tension. 

Vulnerable man

2. Sharing

This is connected to the first tip. It’s really about sharing your experience from the heart. See if you can get others to share themselves as well, but not without sharing yourself first! By sharing how you feel, you can begin to feel more compassion for yourself and those around you. In turn, you may help support each other. 

People conversation sharing talking with each other

3. Connection

There’s clearly a theme to the Dalai Lama’s recommendations as they all pertain to some sense of connection and community. According to him, we should ask ourselves, “How can we help each other experience less fear?” Asking this question will help you generate solutions that will help you and your community to overcome stress. 

Two people deeply connecting with each other

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